Hi, I'm Beth.

A picture of my face.

I'm a PhD student at the University of Oxford and I'm studying the effects of drugs on heart rhythm. I published a paper in Toxicology Research titled early afterdepolarisation tendency as a simulated pro-arrhythmic risk indicator.

I've written some more informal blog posts explaining what my research is about; you can read them here. I'm interested in in vitro and in silico alternatives to in vivo models, and I've been involved in an NC3Rs project.

I enjoy writing: I have a blog and have had articles published in Times Higher Education and The Huffington Post, as well as being mentioned in the New York Post.

When I lived in Sheffield, I did lots of molecular biology, fixed computers, and made a recycling scheme happen.

In my spare time, I like Linux, markov bots, hackathons, Ada Lovelace, Pinterest, reading books, and Oxford commas.

Let's be internet friends!


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