Hi, I'm Beth.

A picture of my face.

I'm a PhD student and I'm studying the effects of drugs on heart rhythm, using mathematical modelling to predict whether a particular medication is likely to cause an arrhythmia. I'm interested in in vitro and in silico alternatives to in vivo models. I've also been working on an NC3Rs project and wrote an article for Times Higher Education.

When I lived in Sheffield, I did lots of molecular biology, fixed computers, and made a recycling scheme happen.

In my spare time, I like Linux, markov bots, hackathons, Ada Lovelace, Pinterest, reading books, and Oxford commas.

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Latest blog post: In defence of E-readers

I've always identified strongly as A Person Who Reads A Lot, so I feel like I'm supposed to hate e-readers (Kindles, Nooks and the like) and decry the possibility of the demise of the print book. Now, I will admit to having a great fondness for paper books, especially the smell. I spent many hours at our … Continue reading In defence of E-readers

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I really like sending and receiving letters and parcels. If you want to reach me, you can send things to:

Elizabeth McMillan
Somerville College
Woodstock Road

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