Embroidery, pictures and one unhappy kitty.

Ah, the sweetness of gainful employment. I have returned to my local hospital to work as a ward clerk, envelope stuffer, PA and/or general skivvy. And I love it. There's something lovely about being good at a somewhat mindless job. I think that's one of my themes for this year: allowing myself to be good at things. Challenging myself doesn't necessarily mean doing something more difficult - sometimes it just means doing an easy thing better.

Modeled charmingly by my cat.
Modeled charmingly by my cat.

Other recent news: for a Craftster swap (I'm angel-ing, I wanted to give myself a craft challenge) I've made a little "How to Embroider" kit for my partner. It has demonstrations of stitches on squares of fabric and then an illustration of how to do the stitches. I really enjoyed drawing the pictures - and I consulted a stitch dictionary for a lot of them and so have incidentally learned some new stitches!

I like embroidery, since I feel like it fits with my style of artwork, and it's an easy way to make incredibly geeky t-shirts (sucrose molecule, anyone?). Now I've done this I think I'll be exploring it some more. And I think I'll embroider something to put inside the parcel as well!


Crime-fighting garter stitch mitts.

So, I made some gloves. They're pretty much an incredibly simple riff on Ysolda's Garter Stitch Mitts, with a bit of lace and a couple of buttons. This picture was chosen mainly to illustrate that I have an awesome hat. Seriously. I am now contractually obligated to fight crime because of it.

It is that awesome.

Right, yeah, the gloves. I actually started them as a present for a male friend of mine - then I thought "hey, these would look great with some lace!" and they became a present for, well, me. So I can fight crime with them.

Apologies for the bad photo; turns out it's really difficult to take a picture of your own hands. Who knew?
These were a quick, easy but still interesting knit, and quite comfy to wear. They keep your fingers and thumb free to fight crime. However, I think there isn't quite enough short row shaping, leaving the wrists too loose. Continue reading Crime-fighting garter stitch mitts.