30 essential (and not-so-essential) lists for your bullet journal


1. Things I'd like to cook
2. Things I'm grateful for
3. Master packing list


4. Important components for a daily routine
5. Questions about the world
6. Things to draw
7. Money-making ideas
8. Money-saving ideas
9. Skills I want to learn
10. Books I've loved
11. Books to read
12. Craft supplies that I own
13. Ideas for stories
14. Favourite dinners, lunches, and snacks

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15. Self care activities
16. 5-minute housework tasks
17. People who are jerks (this one is very satisfying to fill in after a hard day)
18. Nice things to do for people who are not jerks
19. Things I'd like to buy but can't quite justify to myself.
20. Things I like about... (Autumn, Christmas, rainy days, my walk to work)
21. Distractions that are keeping me from concentrating on work
22. Goals for... (exercise, home, work, learning)
23. "Bucket lists", i.e. things to do before... (the end of summer, moving house, kicking the bucket)
24. My heroes
25. Gift wrapping ideas
26. Bullet journal ideas (habit trackers, logs, collections)
27. Ideas for blog posts and articles
28. Actions that will advance my career
29. Workout ideas
30. Projects to try (programming, sewing, knitting, makeup...)


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