Natalia Romanova, otherwise known as Black Widow

This weekend I went to the super awesome Comic Con in London. I was completely in awe of the sheer number of people in costumes and by the quality of the costumes themselves. I was a great couple of days of unrestrained geekiness, with people being themselves in an atmosphere of total acceptance.

I've been getting really into the Avengers franchise recently, so I decided to go with deadly Soviet-trained assassin Natalia Romanova.

Photo of Black Widow outfit

Making my costume was a boat-load of fun. The basis for it all was a ridiculously comfortable onesie I made from a Primark men's tracksuit. Below, I'll take you through how I made it.

Drawing of Black Widow outfit

The other important parts of the outfit were the bullet bracelets, the driving gloves, a pair of buckle-y boots (Primark), an elasticated waist belt (Primark), and a thigh holster, which was made of three pieces of black webbing sewn into a large and small loop with a connecting strap.
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Geeky cross-stitch patterns

I've been having lots of cross-stitching fun lately. I'm a big fan of pixel art and especially that found in SNES games. Super Mario Bros 2 was one of my favourite games as a little girl, because you were allowed to play as Princess Peach (who is objectively the best character because she can FLOAT). I'm in the process of making a pincushion-based cross-stitch homage to her - the pattern is at the bottom of the page.

I also participated in the epic Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange this year. My giftee is a young gentleman who works in IT, with a love for Legend of Zelda. I made him a cross-stiched Link yoyo...

...and a friendly little sign for his desk.

I've made some downloadable patterns: Link, Princess Peach, and Go Away Sign.


In which I am an aeroplane and Peace is damply achieved

Zooooooooom. Ahem. I mean, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am here on this most auspicious of occasions to expound upon the notion of embellishing cheap but comfy Primark hoodies with embroidery and buttons.

But before we embark upon this journey into the significant and momentous, a few lighter notes.

  • Last weekend I went to the Peace in the Park festival in Sheffield, and had a wonderful, if damp, time.
  • I was accompanied in this endeavour by my beau, Johnny, who rather delighfully supplied me with wit and cheese throughout.
  • This glorious man has built me a wardrobe, and fixed my guitar (important note: I cannot play the guitar) and got me all excited about UV LEDs, all in the past fortnight. Oh yes.
  • I recently googled the phrase "how to be awesome" with some interesting results.
  • On Thursday I am going to Hacktion Lab, which promises to be the most educational activity I have ever undergone in a damp, Welsh field. Think of it as being a music festival with techie activism instead of bands. Ooh, and there's a workshop on L.A.S.E.R. graffiti!
  • I'm thinking about going to some of the Surrey Artists Open Studios workshops, since they seem fun and crafty. With anyone I can drag along. Such as... you?
  • Tetris, that game that pleases the primal puzzle-solving nature of the human brain, has been immortalised in a blanket by some awesome person on Craftster.
  • My brother gave me his old digital camera as I'd mentioned I wanted one. The good news: it has a very good flash. The bad news: it has a lower resolution than my phone. I guess I'll just keep saving up for a DSLR...

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