In which I am an aeroplane and Peace is damply achieved

Zooooooooom. Ahem. I mean, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am here on this most auspicious of occasions to expound upon the notion of embellishing cheap but comfy Primark hoodies with embroidery and buttons.

But before we embark upon this journey into the significant and momentous, a few lighter notes.

  • Last weekend I went to the Peace in the Park festival in Sheffield, and had a wonderful, if damp, time.
  • I was accompanied in this endeavour by my beau, Johnny, who rather delighfully supplied me with wit and cheese throughout.
  • This glorious man has built me a wardrobe, and fixed my guitar (important note: I cannot play the guitar) and got me all excited about UV LEDs, all in the past fortnight. Oh yes.
  • I recently googled the phrase "how to be awesome" with some interesting results.
  • On Thursday I am going to Hacktion Lab, which promises to be the most educational activity I have ever undergone in a damp, Welsh field. Think of it as being a music festival with techie activism instead of bands. Ooh, and there's a workshop on L.A.S.E.R. graffiti!
  • I'm thinking about going to some of the Surrey Artists Open Studios workshops, since they seem fun and crafty. With anyone I can drag along. Such as... you?
  • Tetris, that game that pleases the primal puzzle-solving nature of the human brain, has been immortalised in a blanket by some awesome person on Craftster.
  • My brother gave me his old digital camera as I'd mentioned I wanted one. The good news: it has a very good flash. The bad news: it has a lower resolution than my phone. I guess I'll just keep saving up for a DSLR...

Anywho, more on my comfy jumper. It's perfect for snuggling up in, it really is. Just perfect. But I thought... isn't this a little bit bland? Would a true crafter really go around in a hoodie (probably made by children in a sweatshop, but for two quid we'll skip over that little factoid)* without crafting it up in some way? Oh no she wouldn't.

I used two parallel lines of backstitch for each stem, buttons for the three shorter flowers and made a fabric yo-yo for the tall one. The dots around the pink button are french knots, and the petals/leaves on the other two are backstitch.

So there we have it, one somewhat adorable jumper, with a sum total of zero decent photos.
* After the revolution, Primark clothes will be made by robot children.


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