Bullet Journal round-up

I've made a few posts about my Bullet Journal in the last few weeks:

My bullet journal routine

16 habit tracker ideas for your bullet journal

30 essential (and not-so-essential) lists for your bullet journal

I've also been taking part in the #planwithmechallenge on Instagram, which has been fascinating. The idea is: there are daily prompts that you respond to, and post pictures of your planner pages, and you can use the hashtag to look at other people's planner pages. Here are the list of prompts for November 2016:

For those of you who like to be prepared, the December challenge prompts are out, too!

I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous and useful planner pages I've seen in my travels. Check out this cute, dotty habit tracker:

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This windmill-style Life Compass/Level 10 Life spread:

This 16-year-old has her own shop selling planner pages and stickers and they are SO CUTE:

These habit tracker graphs and cross-word style grid are everything:

Last but not least, these ADORABLE stickers for tracking your periods.

NEW IN THE SHOP: period tracker stickers! They are available now 😊

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I've also got a Pinterest board full of Bullet Journal inspiration!

It's so inspiring to see other people's arty ways of organising their lives. Sure, bullet journalling is a bit of a frivolous, fashionable trend, but it's harmless fun that keeps us motivated to organise our lives around what's meaningful to us. Long live the bullet journal!



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