16 habit tracker ideas for your Bullet Journal

Habit Trackers

I've found putting together monthly habit trackers to be a super useful tool in my Bullet Journal - with the significant proviso that I don't overwhelm myself by trying to do to much, and that if I don't get everything done, that's okay. Over the last few months, things that I've tracked include:

  1. Walked 10,000 steps (this goal goes quite well with playing lots of Pokemon Go)
  2. Meditated
  3. Ate breakfast (and yes, doughnuts do count as breakfast)
  4. Portions of fruits and vegetables eaten
  5. Flossed or used interdental brushes (gum health, yo)
  6. Had a no spend day
  7. Went to a yoga class
  8. Did some form of vigorous aerobic exercise (running, cycling, rowing...)
  9. Did some weight training
  10. Spent 1 hour learning
  11. Spent quality time with partner
  12. Spent quality time with friends
  13. Sent a letter or card
  14. Made something myself
  15. Cooked dinner
  16. Had a bubble bath

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