Bizarre new backgrounds, new toys and some bits

Well, I've decided to update my blog layout for once. (For those of you who read this through Facebook, take a look at Mad orange and cupcakes and some stuff that doesn't really line up and a few things that I'm pretty sure don't work in Internet Explorer. Plus part of its implementation involved me updating my entire installation of WordPress because for some reason it seemed easier than the alternative at the time. Hm. But I do like the cupcakes.

And how were these cupcakes drawn, you ask yourself? I happen to have purchased myself a graphics tablet for the princely sum of twenty quid off Amazon. Oh, and yes, you can use it under Ubuntu. It's fun! Its main purpose is for diagrams for my biochemistry notes... but that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing endless bunnies with it. I love living in the future.

Incidentally, I'm selling some botanical illustrations in my etsy shop. If you like that sort of stuff.

Teacosies with Irony

Now, a few of you may have had a peek at Teacosies With Irony, my webcomic (currently on hiatus). Does anyone remember seeing that one about the Brighton Bead Shop? Well, they did.

I came across your ironic site by a rather circuitous route & was very pleased to see the name of our shop up in lights. If one shop in Sydney St fell down they would all do so, it is only the fact that they are leaning against each other that keeps them upright. The street has been standing for over a century & a half & no 21 has only been a bead shop for about a quarter of a century. It would make a bit of a mess if it did fall down.

So that's pretty awesome. Plus, they gave me a gift voucher - let's just say I've got some goodies coming to me in the post very soon (did you know they have a website?) Jolly good show.

Recently I've been learning a bit of visual basic in idle time at work, and just for fun I ended up making a small macro that sort of... does my job. So who knows how long I'll be staying there. They sure don't keep me around for my excellent bedside manner, I can tell you that.

Cool stuff:

  • Bunny the comic, the inspiration for all my bunny-drawing.
  • Solid perfume in someone's Etsy shop, because don't we all secretly dream of smelling like Nag Champa?
  • You probably knew there was a Torchwood mini-series on the BBC the other week, but did you know about the radio plays the week before?
  • MuseScore is a free music notation editor, which plays your scores back to you. I used a similar non-free program when I was in school, and I found it really enjoyable. This one's open source and runs in Windows, Linux and Mac, and anything you compose on it can be read by any other music notation program. Epic win!

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