Farmville and plans


So my farm on FarmVille is doing well. I don't know what it is about farming games - whether it's this or Alice Greenfingers, there's just some part of me that finds the whole thing deeply satisfying. Perhaps this is a sign that I should get a real garden, who knows. Or perhaps it's just a sign that I'm supposed to be revising at the moment and that procrastination is quite the enchantress.

Speaking of procrastination, I have rather a list of things that I've vaguely thought about getting around to making/doing At Some Point Maybe.

  • A layout for LiveJournal - my journal needs a new look and I have a paid account for the moment, so I can edit things to my heart's content.
  • On the same note, a mood theme for LiveJournal. I said a while ago I'd make some fannish ones of my little sprite representations of Jeeves and Wooster (or was it Vince and Howard?) so I'll get that done, I'm sure a few people would be interested in those.
  • Sherlock Holmes Big Bang. Oh yes! A big bit of writing to combine many things that I love - slash fanfiction, Sherlock Holmes, victorian attitudes to homosexuality, and if I can fit him in, Oscar Wilde.
  • A fanfiction archive for all the things I've written. I have a LiveJournal account containing my (modest) back catalogue of fic, but I'd like to make myself a wee webpage to have it all on.
  • Similarly, a content management system for fanfiction archives. Lots of people write fic and I'm sure it'd help to have a nice easy way of arranging it in one's own webspace. I've had a few ideas for it so far - the reader will be able to sort by genre, by characters and by rating, and to change the font, background colour and text colour of the main text to suit what they find easiest to read. Oh, and it'll be based on CMS From Scratch and won't require anything fancy like a database, just PHP.
  • A Linux From Scratch project (I'd call it Bethnux!) mostly for my own education. What better way to learn about how Linux works than to make my own operating system?
  • An icon set for GNOME or, well, anything really. Similar to the ones I use on my websites, just simple monochrome cartoons of functions.
  • A font based on the one I have as the header on my blog. Again, just a simple monochrome cartoon affair.
  • A WordPress theme based on my current one. It needs a lot of tidying up and tweaking, and some adjustment to the fact that other people in the world have screens bigger than my teeny tiny one, but after that I think it could be a nice thing to release.
  • A design for CSS Zen Garden. I'd like to try my luck! I'd be so proud to be picked for that website as I'm a big fan.
  • A Facebook app - I have an idea for a little calendar that I would find really useful.
  • The world's best 2d platform game. Watch this space.

Now don't get me wrong, I am aware that it'll take me the rest of my life to do all these things, and I'm not afraid to add, revise or delete items from this list. But isn't it nice to have plans?


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