Remove "Picked for you" pins from Pinterest.

Remove Picked For You pins from Pinterest

It's no secret that I love Pinterest more than is really okay. They've started doing this thing where they show you "Picked for you" pins on your homepage, interspersed with your friends' pins. I quite like the curated pins they choose, but sometimes I like to just see what my friends have been up to.

You have the option to go through and deselect all of your boards, which I assume would prevent you from getting "Picked for you" pins at all. However, I wanted something a little less permanent, so I've made a bookmarklet.

The easiest way to use it is to drag the following link onto your bookmarks toolbar:

Remove Picked For You

Then, if you go to and click on your new bookmark, the "Picked for you" and "Promoted by" pins will have disappeared.

To keep the pins hidden, you have to click on the bookmark every time you load the page. However, there's a browser add-on for Firefox (or Iceweasel) called Greasemonkey, which lets you run little bits of javascript all the time. First, install Greasemonkey. Then, copy the text below:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Remove Picked For You
// @namespace
// @include     *
// @version     2
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

function hide_picked_for_you() {
  {if (divs[i].innerHTML.indexOf('Picked for') != -1)
  {if (divs[i].innerHTML.indexOf('Promoted') != -1)

}, (5000));

Next, click on the Greasemonkey icon in your browser (usually in the top right), go to "New User Script", then "Use Script From Clipboard". Now, when you go to Pinterest and click on the Greasemonkey icon again, there should be the option "Remove Picked For You". If you tick it, you'll see that the pins disappear. For Google Chrome, there's an extension called Tampermonkey, which works in the same way.

If the script or bookmark aren't working for you, try reinstalling them from this page, as I might have updated the code. If this doesn't fix it, tell me in the comments. The latest code is always available on Github.


222 thoughts on “Remove "Picked for you" pins from Pinterest.”

    1. Okay, to get this menu, open Safari > Preferences, and click on the Advanced Tab. At the bottom of the pane, check the box next to “Show Develop Menu in menu bar”. Then you should be able to go to Develop > Show Error Console.

      Also, try reinstalling the script, as I've made an update.

  1. Hi Beth,
    Thanks so much for this fix - I've used it for ages and it's been great! I'm now using your new link, but it's only removing the "Picked for You", not the promoted pins. Have others had this problem? I'm on Safari v9.1

  2. Pinterest is really annoying. For about a month they did better. Now they went back to their old ways. I really should have told them thanks for reducing it but alas, bad on me. It started again with a vengeance and I tried my bookmarklet. It didn't work. I came here again and re-added it, works great. I just wanted to thank you for that. You're a goddess for doing it and sharing!


  3. No longer working for me in Chrome, Windows 10. So many ads now! And all things I'm not the least bit in to.

  4. I find myself using my phone and iPad often for Pinterest but will no longer be going to their feed because of all their 'chosen for me' pins rather than MY chosen ones. On my iMac, the 'Remove Picked for You' works but have to do it often since it only apparently works for one full page, as I scroll down I have to click on it again and again. My estimate is that 50% of the pins are THEIR chosen ones. So maddening. What does Pinterest NOT understand about pinners wanting to see pins from people they're following, NOT Pinterest's choices.

  5. I am SO EXCITED to have found remove PFYP. I use Internet Explorer 11. Will remove "Picked for you pins" work with it? I am not quite sure or how to install & use it. I am looking forward to your help/reply! BTW how many picked for you pins are removed each time you use remove PFYP? My home feed is overwhelmed by them.

    1. I haven't tried this with Internet Explorer yet, I'll update you when I do. Until then, the bookmarklet should work - click and drag the "Remove Picked For You" link in the post up to your bookmarks bar, then when you're on Pinterest, click on the link and the posts should disappear. It removes all of the Picked For You pins, which ends up being about half of my screen...

  6. Thank you!!! It is even working on my outdated browser. The sad thing, which shows how invasive these pins are, is how far I have to scroll down to see a pin that should be on my page. :(

  7. Pin Block stopped working. Grease monkey works on firefox with this script, but tampermonkey doesn`t work on chrome (did i do something wrong? when I paste the script it gets some errors...)

  8. Pintereste must have upgraded again. Now it seems to take away the "picked for you" but changes the "promoted by" to just empty white squares.

  9. Hey, thanks for that!

    ** Do you also have one to remove "Related Pins" from the pages where you work on your own pics?

    :) Gene

  10. Thank you for creating/perfecting/updating the "Remove Picked For You" script. What a relief! But Pinterest has now started forcing what they're calling "Inspired By... " pins on us. They're described as being inspired by our pins on our various boards. "Inspired by [put the name of one of your boards here]". Please update the script to address this latest intrusion? Thank you in advance.

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