Lady Ada Lovelace and some haikus.

The first and most important thing I'd like to talk about in this post is Ada Lovelace Day. It's an international day of blogging about women who work in technology, on Tuesday 24th March. I'll be taking part. Will you?

I've got some decent ideas for my post, although since I don't technically work in the field (I'm more of an amateur geek) I might go and interview some ladies in the know. It appeals to my feminist tendencies and my fascination with steampunk. Oh, blogging is fun.

Oh, and check out this bit of Ada-craftiness.

I went up to Sheffield for the weekend, had some wonderful fun, took a tiny number of photographs. Brilliant not to have exams in January, not least because it makes me insufferably smug. I am enjoying, in Tom Lehrer's words, my copious free time. And my non-free time, my job is still going well. Although I have to say that now, my bosses have Googled me. Hello, Jeremy and Mary, if you're reading this.

Most of my creative activity recently has been sending cards and writing letters to friends, a very pleasant diversion. Sending things through the post is fun, mainly because recieving post is fun, and the one tends to lead to the other.

Soon this blog will actually have some kind of style and/or layout. No, really.

Check out my Haiku Review page, a way of keeping track of the books I've read this year, with brief, 17-syllable synopses. So far I like it. And need to read some more books.


4 thoughts on “Lady Ada Lovelace and some haikus.”

  1. Mmm, Steampunk. I have already started planning (in my head only, unfortunately) how I'll make my own Steampunk laptop. Ben has "acquired" some laptops for me to tinker with, and cleared some garage space for me to work in. yay!

    Now, if it wasn't so fricking cold outside, I'd go and start.

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