Haiku Review

  • The Big Sleep - Raymon Chandler

    Life of a PI
    Now Señor Chang's monologues
    Make more sense. Gripping.

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

    A user's guide, targeted
    At useless people

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson

    The storyline is
    As chaotic and senseless
    As the characters

  • The Hippopotamus - Stephen Fry

    Life through the eyes of
    A jerk. Oh god, oh god, though,
    What's with the horse thing?

  • Sundiver - David Brin

    A story about
    Fiery aliens, that's
    Really about us.

  • Going Postal - Terry Pratchett

    X-Clacks Overhead
    A man is not dead while his
    Name is still spoken.

  • The Man in the High Castle - Philip K. Dick

    If the Nazis won?
    So intensely upsetting,
    But full of intrigue.

  • The Night Watch - Terry Pratchett

    Police can only
    Police if the people are
    Amenable. Brill.

  • The Gift of Fear - Gavin de Becker

    Unusual advice
    Spotting sources of danger
    Keeping yourself safe.

  • Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher & William Ury

    To negotiate
    Considering the merits
    And not posturing.

  • A Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger

    Entitled rich kid
    Teenage disillusionment
    I lack sympathy

  • The Difference Engine - William Gibson & Bruce Sterling

    Boring beginning
    But stick with it, because it's
    Great in the middle

  • His Dark Materials trilogy - Philip Pullman

    In comparison,
    Oxford seems much less weird now,
    if a bit less fun.

  • Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut

    Ice-nine - why, why, why?
    Man got to sit and wonder.
    Water got to freeze.

  • The Psychopath Test - Jon Ronson

    Interviews with folks
    Whose minds can allow them to
    Act without remorse

  • Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut

    The Dresden bombing
    As told by Billy Pilgrim
    A time traveller

  • Better Than Life - Grant Naylor

    Spring on Garbage World
    Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls
    The Talkie Toaster

  • The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks

    Exploded rabbits,
    A seriously messed up
    Very strange young man

  • Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - Grant Naylor

    Anarchic sci fi
    Echoes of Douglas Adams
    You utter smeghead

  • You Talkin to me? Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama - Sam Leith

    Was actually
    Expecting a manual
    Thought it was okay

  • In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto - Michael Pollan

    The history of
    Nutrition science. In short:
    Eat some vegetables.

  • A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

    I get the point, but
    Violence ain't human nature.
    A horrorshow read.

  • The Time Machine - H.G. Wells

    Reminded me why
    I adore science fiction
    Beware the Morlocks!

  • The Sociopath Next Door - Martha Stout

    A chilling look at
    People who live among us
    Who have no conscience

  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams

    O! Electric Monk
    Maths, programming and beauty
    Sofas and dodos

  • The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry

    Patchy in places.
    Love his engaging voice, but
    It felt a bit rushed

  • Slumdog Millionaire - Vikas Swarup

    Touching, engrossing;
    What a story. Plus, I loved
    The surprise ending.

  • The camera my mother gave me - Susanna Kaysen

    Required reading
    For women who suffer from

  • High Fidelity - Nick Hornby

    Our relationships
    How they can be okay, and
    How they can go sour.

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles - Arthur Conan Doyle

    The game is afoot!
    Holmes and Watson at their best
    Solving mysteries

  • Bad Science - Ben Goldacre

    The scientific method
    A nonsense shredder

  • What do you care what other people think? - Richard Feynman

    Working for NASA
    His wife's tuberculosis
    And lots of sketches

  • Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman! - Richard Feynman

    Fixes radios
    By thinking, and other

  • The Stars' Tennis Balls - Stephen Fry

    A retelling of
    The Count of Monte Cristo
    Sharp, witty and dark

  • The Surrealist Manifesto - André Breton

    Mind over matter
    Only the marvelous is
    At all beautiful

  • The Autobiography of a Flea - Anonymous

    Those Victorians
    So repressed yet so raunchy
    Filthy buggers all

  • The Futurological Congress - Stanislaw Lem

    From one sci-fi world
    To one the protagonist
    Doesn't understand

  • A Long Way Down - Nick Hornby

    Thoughts on suicide
    How it's attemptable if
    You don't want to die

  • Down and out in Paris and London - George Orwell

    Not disarming, as
    I lack the prejudice that
    This book challenges

  • Dorian - Will Self

    Wildean and dark
    Mindboggling last chapter
    Foppishness gone mad

  • Anything Goes - John Barrowman.

    Quite entertaining
    An autobiography
    Who knew he was gay?

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